Exemplify Integrity

January 2008

The road to excellence starts with being who you say you are

All of us long to achieve excellence in our careers. Whether we are loan originators, account executives, managers, executives or owners, we want to capture that elusive animal referred to as excellence.

But achieving a true standard of excellence seems to be a difficult goal to accomplish. Perhaps we do not understand the components that comprise it. Maybe we have not defined the gauge or parameters that ensure we achieve it.

A simple credo to live by is “consistent excellence.” It might seem impossible. But by establishing this high expectation from the start, you never have to settle for low performance or mediocrity. As salespeople, this is the only level of expectation that will get you where you want to be in life. Mediocre thinking gets you mediocre results, while excellent thinking can get you excellent results.

Each letter in the word “excellence” represents an aspect of the virtue. The first “E” in the word excellence stands for exemplifying integrity. And the first step to becoming excellent salespeople and leaders is to place integrity as our first and highest priority.