April 3rd, 2019


More evidence as to why it’s paramount to hop on opportunities while they present themselves. We all know that the past few weeks have been a (big) breath of fresh air for lenders and borrowers alike. Rates are way down, refi and purchase apps are surging, and home prices are leveling out. And while it looks like these trends should still linger for a while, lenders can’t get in the mindset that this will last forever. Monday saw a small spike in rates, and CoreLogic is expecting home prices to rise back up later this year. Their latest HPI Forecast predicts home prices to increase by 4.7% between February 2019 and February 2020. The current favorable conditions are only favorable if you make the most out of them, which means proactively getting in touch with borrowers, past clients, and referral partners to let them know of the opportunities present and what is expected to happen going forward.

Beau Vermillion