July 15th, 2019

Keep this very important fact in your mind this week: every day, every phone call, you have the opportunity to drastically help improve someone’s financial picture, and in turn change their life for the better. Don’t believe us? Maybe this survey from Bankrate.com will convince you. It found that over half (56% to be exact) of Americans have lost sleep due to financial stress over at least 1 financial concern. Furthermore, roughly 33% of American adults lose sleep over everyday financial expenses. What are some of the main financial concerns that are keeping them up? Things like insurance or health care bills, lingering credit card payments and balances, mortgage and rent payment, saving up for retirement, and everyday bills and expenses. What doesn’t help with any of this? That 34% of Americans are using side jobs just to make their financial ends meet as wages remain low.

We know this info can easily bum out you, which is why we’ll stress again that each time you talk to a potential customer, you have the opportunity to help their financial scenario so they can sleep better at night — the only catch being that you need to spend time digging into their financial goals, needs, and pain points. If you position yourself as an advocate, you’ll create borrowers-for-life and can drive home each day knowing you’ve helped change someone’s life.

Beau Vermillion