The 4 R’s of Continual Improvement

March 2008

To be your best, you must commit to practicing and implementing rewarding habits

In every profession, people can be professionals or amateurs. Most consider themselves and even refer to themselves as professionals.

Let’s test that with a question. If you were an athlete, which would you rather be: a professional or an amateur? You probably chose the first, not the latter. Why? Because professionals make far more money and often receive far more recognition and reward than amateurs.

But pros also train and practice every day to achieve that level of performance. If you are going to commit to being excellent at what you do, then you must first make the same commitment pros do—to train yourself daily to be the best you can possibly be.

One way to improve in your career and life is by following the four R’s of continual improvement: researching, reviewing, role-playing and repetition.