The Secret of How to Listen

May 2008

By staying attuned to what clients say, you can understand and better meet their needs

For professionals, particularly in the mortgage industry, it’s almost impossible to solve something that we don’t understand. By listening to your clients, however, you can learn their problems and take steps to finding a solution.

In fact, listening is the gateway to understanding. Further, learning to listen attentively is a key step in the journey to professional excellence.

Many mortgage professionals use the same method for all borrowers: They take their initial request, find a product that meets that request and offer it at the lowest rate possible.

This method often results in failure rather than success. This is because these brokers do not understand the borrowers’ real needs, and they often get shopped and lose the deal to someone else.

Great brokers, on the other hand, use borrowers’ initial requests as a starting point. They ask questions and listen to understand what borrowers are really seeking. This leads to a better understanding of what borrowers want, as well as a relationship with a higher level of trust and confidence