Building a Winning Team by Building Self Esteem

June 5, 2008

How important is self-esteem to your employee's success? As managers, we all know that high self-esteem leads to high confidence and a high feeling of self-worth. These are critical traits in any employee's success.

Having said that, here is an important and introspective question: “What kind of self-esteem does each of your employees have?” If you do not know, I would challenge you to start observing your employees. Believe it or not, you can play a major role in making boosting their self-esteem and can change their attitude and performance in the process.

It has always been interesting to me that the term self-esteem starts with "self". Our self-esteem is usually not determined, high or low, by ourselves, but by the feedback of those around us. We get a view of ourselves in our mind as to who we are, and our strengths and weaknesses, based on what others say to us and about us.