Education Leads to Excellence

July 2008

To achieve success, brokers must gain knowledge and impart it to their clients

Whether you are in sales or management in the mortgage business, the level of your knowledge is one of the most-important aspects of your success. To build your knowledge, you must educate yourself continually. This is a vital component to achieving excellence in sales and leadership.

In fact, the more we educate ourselves daily, the more excellence we will achieve and the greater our level of success will be.

You’ve likely heard that knowledge is power. That statement is actually false -- knowledge is not power unless you apply it. Many knowledgeable mortgage professionals are unsuccessful because they have not converted their knowledge to its correct application.

You’ve also likely heard that practice makes perfect. This also is false. Rather, practice makes permanent. Whatever you practice becomes your habits—right or wrong.

For example, consider one thing at which you have been successful outside of work. Whatever it is, the reason you are good at it likely is that you’ve done it many times. You learned the right way and then applied those skills to create excellent habits.

This is the formula to success in business and in life, but you must learn the right way first. Everything we do well in life we do because we are knowledgeable and educated in it. The most-knowledgeable loan officers typically are the most confident and successful.

To be among the most successful and to reach excellence, then, you must educate yourself and your customers continually.