Dale Vermillion: 3 Ss to Selling Success in a Competitive Rising Rate Market

September 14, 2017

The biggest mistake loan officers are making today is they’ve become transactional in their sales efforts. Many of them focus on price and product, which are indistinguishable in a marketplace commoditized amid low interest rates that have endured for nearly a decade.

This approach exacerbates a “race to the bottom” mentality. Sales success requires a new, relational mindset — especially now with interest rates starting to climb. Those rate increases invariably will send lead volume on a downward trajectory. Major changes in both the refinance and purchase arenas are just beginning.

A clear path to relationship building exists and was the focus of a recent web seminar hosted by National Mortgage News and sponsored by Velocify. Experts Chris Backe, Velocify director of business development, and Jeff Douglas, Wyndham Capital CEO, discuss how to prepare for this changing market in the context of “The three Ss to Success” as defined by professional speaker and coach Dale Vermillion, CEO of Vermillion Consulting.

Check out the on-demand recording if you missed it, or catch the recap below! Without further ado, here are the three Ss to selling success: