Nationally-Recognized Consumer Advocate to Train NLC Loans Employees on True Customer Advocacy


Cleveland-based mortgage company NLC Loans™ announced today that they have contracted renowned national consumer advocate and mortgage expert Dale Vermillion onboard for a year-long training initiative that will revolutionize the way the company serves its customers.

Vermillion, a 31-year mortgage industry vet who has been featured regularly on Fox Business and dozens of national radio programs including MoneyWise, is taking an innovative approach with the staff of NLC to implement a "customer-first" protocol that is truly unique in the mortgage world.

"I'm delighted to partner with the great team here and coach NLC's personal mortgage advisors," he said. "The NLC approach to help their borrowers will be that of a true advocate, not just a loan officer. Too many companies focus on just the borrower's short term goals. Here we will focus on both short and long term goals and help our customer build a personalized financial plan to achieve both."

Vermillion's primary goal is for the company's personal mortgage advisors to help their customers make sound financial decisions all around. NLC Loans operates by a "customer for life" mentality that means the business is more than just simply funding home loans--it's more about helping customers in all facets of their mortgage and financial goals and to set them up for successful financial futures.