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why mortgage champions?


The Mortgage Champions training system was developed by Dale Vermillion and has been used to train over a million mortgage professionals and over 450 lenders. This industry-leading training has a perfect record in increasing clients’ profits and productivity.





Develop powerful leadership strategies for your business and learn how Dale’s 35 years of experience can bring transformative change to your company.



Increase sales and production, even in today’s challenging market, through proven best-practices used by the very best in the industry.



Differentiate yourself through training for your administrative and operational staff to dramatically increase efficiency and improve your company culture.



  • In the short time that we have used Mortgage Champions we have seen our mortgage application increase by 40%... Our personnel achieve more per hour with less stress, and more company profits. Hiring Mortgage Champions has not been an expense, it has been an investment which has returned huge dividends.
    — Vince Lee, President and Co-Owner, Success Mortage Partners
  • We are better prepared with changing markets and ahead of the curve when it comes to developing our sales team and the culture and direction of our company.
    — Bob Wolfe, VP Originations, TruHome Solutions
  • We’ve noticed an improvement in morale, client service skills and work effort, which quickly translated into increased loan production. We are fortunate in the mortgage industry to be able to work with partners like Dale Vermillion and Mortgage Champions.
    — Andrew S. Weinberg, Principal, Silver Fin Capital Group LLC
  • Not only have our originations immediately increased by using the techniques learned, but our loan officers’ attitudes and approach toward the business have improved. Our loan officers are now focused on improving our clients’ overall financial future, as opposed to selling just rate... I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TRAINING to any organization looking to improve their sales.”
    — Mike Horn, National Vice President at Banc Home Loans
  • Mortgage Champions common sense-based system allows our LOs to quickly differentiate themselves from their competitors AND keeps both the LO and the borrower focused on options and benefits, rather than on price and product. Mortgage Champions Sales and Leadership program is now embedded in the culture of our company.
    — Jeff Douglas, CEO, Wyndham Capital Mortgage


We see our clients as partners. That’s why, no matter how big or small your company is, we find a way to meet your needs as we train you live or online, or even a combination of both.



Nothing beats having a general in the trenches. For over two decades, Dale has traveled the country to maximize his impact by training sales and operations teams on site and in person. Below are just some of the reasons why:

  • Live interaction with employees
  • Personal consulting with management
  • Impact on all levels of organization


Want to train your small team or ready to have access to the best training for your company at any time? Our powerful eLearning platform is here to deliver to you:

  • Refinance & Purchase Training
  • Leadership & Operations Tracks
  • New Hire Training
  • Over 50 Modules
  • 25+ Hours of Content
  • Quizzes & Testing with Full Reporting