Chad Evers

Dale’s ability to connect with people on an individual level, as well as his expertise in training, makes him a rock star. Dale is nothing short of a sales training guru. Within minutes of being with a group, he can figure out individual strengths, as well as opportunities for improvement. He takes those qualities, and applies it directly to our industry and makes our team better.

What really makes Dale stand out is his ability to relate to anyone in a room. He is charismatic, intelligent, organized and honest. These qualities are held at the highest importance when you put your faith in someone to come and train your employees on how to be better. Dale is a perfect role model for our employees to look at and aspire to “be better.” He focuses on the individual and pushes for individual results, making each employees goals top priority for him.

Based on the results I have seen by partnering with Dale, I could not imagine using another individual, or company for our sales training needs. His ability to connect with individuals and provide excellent results makes him my go-to person for anything Sales. Dale will take your company to the next level, and you will be better for have known him.”

Chad Evers — Sr. Vice President at Congressional Bank