Vaughn McGuire

“The training I received from Dale was the most valuable sales training that I've ever received, and has played a significant role in my sales communication ever since.

“I've found myself using a lot of the tools Dale laid out in his Mortgage Champions training, and cannot express how helpful they have been.”

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Jeff Douglass — CEO of Wyndham Capital Mortgage

“Years ago when we first on-boarded Dale, we were doing an abysmal 1.9 loans per LO.  We took that number to nearly 10 (9.5) in about 2 years.

“We had a typical D2C shop with some top producers and mostly average LO’s. Dale helped us over time get the right people to stay on the bus while adding the right types of LOs.

“We also developed a mortgage banker school that Dale would teach at for at least once but usually twice during the 3 month ramp up.  Expectations have always been exceeded.

“In today’s market we are still averaging over 8 loans per LO with 62 LO’s and more than half of our volume is purchase strictly D2C (100%).”

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Bob Wolfe — VP of Originations at TruHome Solutions

Dale has been an invaluable resource for TruHome and I recommend the Mortgage Champions training with the highest compliments.

“Because we have invested in our people by retaining Dale, we believe we are better prepared with the changing markets and ahead of the curve when it comes to developing our sales team and the culture and direction of our company.”

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Kevin Broughton — Chief Recruiting and Retention Officer at Success Mortgage Partners

“Dale’s teaching and expertise has proven to literally be invaluable to our organization.

“The depth of knowledge and uncanny ability to disseminate it in a proper fashion has laid a foundation for our company that will catapult us in ways we weren’t sure were possible.

Our company is witnessing unprecedented, substantial growth. We have increased our top-line revenue more than 425% in the past 36 months. Dale has solidified that reality in our business.

“Dale’s operational knowledge is second-to-none; but, his leadership is even better. It’s quite simple—if you want to grow your business properly and profitably, hire Dale Vermillion.”

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Vince Lee — President at Success Mortgage Partners

“Dale, personally and professionally, has substantially advanced the growth and profitability of Success Mortgage Partners.

“In the short time that he has been our sales and mortgage counselor, advisor, and class instructor, our mortgage applications have increased about 40%.

“Since Dale’s presence, employees are handling assignments with an increased spirit of cooperation and belief in themselves and in the company via his improved training techniques and his personal ability to inspire by way of interacting with individual teams and team leaders.

”Our company reflects improved communication and cooperation, as well as more professional accountability. Dale’s leadership is evident. All departments, as well as the company overall, have improved substantially. We as a group believe in Dale.

“As I have expressed to my two partners, hiring Dale Vermillion has not been an expense, it has been an investment which has returned huge dividends.”

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Michael Schenk

“Dale Vermillion is a true professional in every sense of the word. His presentation is flawless. Dale keeps you interested every step of the way. I would recommend Dale to anybody looking to improve your relationships with customers and to increase your bottom line.”

Michael Schenk — Sales Manager at Guaranteed Rate

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Benjamin Shaw

“Your webinars have totally restored my confidence in my future, and I know I will have a lot of fun during the ride… There are so many different things that you covered and the reality is I can relate to all of them. This is a real education in sales.”

Benjamin Shaw — Mortgage Loan Originator at University Mortgage

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Mark Yehle

“I have to say that every time I hear Dale, it gets me excited and makes me sell. It’s funny with the ebbs and flows of the market, his system remains tried and true.”

Mark Yehle — Mortgage Loan Originator at Integrity Home Loans

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Michelle Arsenault

“I have been in the mortgage business for over 10 years and this is by far the best training I have ever received. Each afternoon as I return client calls I find myself trying to practice the keys that were taught. This training has been priceless and worth every penny that I paid.”

Michelle Arseneault — MLO at SimonTowne Mortgage

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Richard Morris

“I’ve been through a lot of Sales Classes (I'm 62) but this class has got to be one of the best I've ever attended.  I really appreciate all the hard work that went into developing a course that is specific in what to do to close a sale and not just the usual generalities that are presented in a sales class.”

Richard Morris — Mortgage Loan Originator at Loan Simple

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Brian Howcroft

“After our time with Dale, I went from closing 0 loans to 3 or so loans a month, to now having a pipeline of 8 loans for the month of August alone! That’s from just using his system right away and it’s not even polished into what it truly can be.  I’ve only been licensed for about 1.5 years but I can now say I am truly excited about what the future here holds.”

Brian Howcroft — Mortgage Loan Originator at Alliance Home Loans

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